The 4 Types of Burn Out

Note to reader: Burnout is a result of lacking alignment in one’s life. There are a few primary forms of burnout that show up and they tend to bleed into other areas of life which can make them hard to identify. For example, a person who is feeling physically burnout may feel tired and edgy which may result in a lack of presence in their relationships. The lack of presence in the relationship may lead to problems arising in the relationship which them makes the relationship feel like the problem because it is where the core problem is being projected. 

What form of burnout you are experiencing? 

Burn Out Results

Boredom Burnout (mostly A's)

You are lacking interest in a large portion of your daily and weekly activities and even possibly feeling like your life is lacking meaning or purpose. In this burnout type it is common to feel like you are just going through the motions or in extreme cases, you may even experience a deep desire to get away from everything. What leads to this experience is usually knowing that you want to pursue something more exciting or meaningful to you, but lacking clarity on what that looks like, or you know what you want to do but you feel stuck or like something is in the way of you being able to begin your new journey. 

Overwhelm Burnout (mostly B's)

This form of burnout is usually a result of having too many things on one’s plate and struggling to manage all the different areas of life. A person struggling with this burnout has either over committed themselves or has not found an efficient way to manage all the commitments they have. Common experiences associated with this burnout include anxiety, dissociation, escapism, and difficulties meeting personal needs or enjoying fun activities because they are focused on all the things they ‘should’ be doing instead. 

Physical Burnout (mostly C's)

You feel physically tired all the time and are often reliant on caffeine, stimulants or other energy promoting substances to get you through the day. You find yourself getting less than 7-8 hours a sleep regularly and you find it hard to muster the energy to partake in the very activities that would begin to give you relief such as exercise and nutrition. This shows up in the form of lowered levels of focus, drive, energy, and motivation to show up as your best self to many areas of your life. 

Emotional Burnout (mostly D's)

This form of burnout usually results in a feeling of lack of control in one’s life and is usually related to mental stress around work, relationships, and goals. A common experience of someone who is emotionally burnt out is feeling stuck or trapped in a situation which usually results in lack of motivation, physical fatigue, moodiness, and even depression. 

This form of burnout is usually related to certain beliefs a person has which shape their actions in a way that doesn’t serve them.