Common Questions

Frequently Asked Question's:

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a conversation that explores who a person is , what they want for themselves and what is holding them back from becoming the kind of person that can create the life experience they want. In life coaching we don’t tell our clients what to do but we help them identify what they truly need for themselves and then support them in becoming a person courageous enough to go out there and create it. In most cases, people who work with us carry what we call blind spots which are belief systems that prevent them from achieving what they want in life. We help out clients identify what their blind spots are so they can address the root of their challenges instead of the symptoms. This results in a longer lasting experience of joy and fulfillment as well as improved quality of life, health and relationships. 

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

  • If you find yourself running into similar challenges over and over in your life or find yourself feeling stuck or unsatisfied even though you have a good life overall, life coaching can be a very powerful tool to help you overcome these challenges. 
  • If you have tried many different products, programs or actions to create a more enjoyable experience of life and keep feeling like you are ending up burnout, unfulfilled or frustrated with life, life coaching can be life changing
  • Having a big heart and a hard-working mentality can be a superpower sometimes, but it can also lead to burnout and frustration with life if left unchecked. Elevated alignment helps good hard-working people discover the root of their exhaustion and why it is so hard for them to sustain a positive internal experience of life.  
  •  If you are ready to feel healthier, happier and more fulfilled then you are in the right place because we are experts on supporting our clients to create the deep lasting change they all deserve

What currency are the prices in?

  • all of the products are prices in USD. Standard exchange rates apply. 

Are there any requirements for working with us?

The only requirement we have to work with us is that you are 110% ready to take action and willing to trust the process and make this a top priority in your life because there is nothing more important than YOU! The work we do with our clients is not just essential to their quality of life but it also has a powerful ripple effect that touches the lives of everyone they know, love and interact with. By living up to the best version of yourself you become an inspiration to those around you to do the same.  This is why we are so dedicated to our clients and we expect the same level of dedication from our clients

What is your return policy? 

There are no refund on digitally created products on one-on-one coaching agreements, there are very few sessions available and so we take our private sessions very seriously. If you are not ready to commit to 6 months of life transforming sessions then we suggest you start with one of our recorded program courses first to see if our coaching feels like a good fit for you.