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Elevated Alignment helps successful individuals struggling with burnout find peace and fulfillment. High performers often face overwhelming tasks, impacting their health and relationships. We provide a path to balance and lasting satisfaction.

Striving for perfection, you exhaust yourself trying to excel in all areas. Despite seeking quick fixes, you're stuck in a cycle of burnout, questioning if it's worth it. But there is a better way.

If you can relate to this experience, you aren’t alone. This is a very common situation that many high performers find themselves in and the great thing is there is a way to stop the cycle of bouncing between excited and motivated to burnt out and questioning everything. 

Elevated Alignment offers four pillars for driven individuals seeking a fulfilling life without sacrificing health or peace.

This transformative journey may be uncomfortable, but it's powerful and life-changing. If this resonates with you, apply below for a chance to work together.

If you are ready to take control of your path and build a life of elevated alignment, I invite you to fill out the application below. Once received, I will review your application and if I feel like my work is a good fit to serve you, I will reach out to set up a short meeting call. Due to limited availability of sessions and a cap I place on client load to ensure quality, I cannot guarantee that we will be able to work together immediately. Should there be no availability you will be added to our waitlist and be contacted in order of received interest. 

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The Elevated Alignment difference:

First hand experience

I’ve experienced what my clients are experiencing first hand and have been able to overcome many of the limiting beliefs that held me back from the joy I was seeking and have now helped many other professionals do the same


Over 10 years of experience working in the silicon valley and have worked with people in all kinds of different careers  


My coaching addresses the root of the issue instead of the symptoms like most products and programs

Actual Change

I don’t sell false promises but a real transformative process that creates a shift in your experience of life.

Learn the skill I teach high performers to beat burn out

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